Who I am.

CINV is born from a Massimo Rivolo's idea. Independent TVN Consultant, MSc in Wound Care. 

After 20 years of experience in the wound care field, 5 of them spent in the UK, he decided to create the International Centre for Wound Care Nursing  (in italian Centro Internazionale Nursing Vulnologico CINV) .

What is CINV? A place where nurses can share their point of view, working on national and international projects, ideas, research and feel welcomed and involved. 


What CINV is not? An association or Foundation.. 

CINV collaborates with anyone who cares and embrace the values written in the homepage, in particular whit those who sees in ideals such as respect, kindness, honesty and tolerance  towards human being one of the most important pillar for a better society. We prefer the cooperation instead of the competition. We based our entire philosophy on Mutual Support .    

Massimo Rivolo has a degree in nursing and a Master in Wound Care. He is a Lymphoedema Practitioner. Executive member board at WUWHS. Past member at EWMA and ordinary member at ICC. He has been a Registered Manager CQC at Healogics in the UK and Wound Care Specialist Nurse at Accelerate in the UK. 

He moved back to Italy in 2018 where is now an Independent TVN Consultant and from September 2019 he works part time as Clinical Consultant for Lohmann & Rauscher in Switzerland. 

He is married and father of two daughters. 

UK NMC PIN: 14D0293C